Hospital Solution


Indian Heathcare industry is fast growing and demand for professional solution providers for Storage is need of the hour. We at Shuter Enterprises India Pvt Limited offer highly efficient and space saving solutions.

Pharmacy Solution

Our unique Pharmacy Solution is well received by customer across India. Traditional pharmacy racks made out of plywood occupy more space and carries risk of dispensing errors.

Shuter Enterprises India Pvt Limited concept ensures saving of space, medicines are kept in separate compartments and hence reduce medication errors. This helps in adhering to quality standrards priscribed by accredation agencies like NABH and JCI etc.,Be it large or small size Pharmacy, Shuter Enterprises India Pvt Limited makes it a place of joy to work.

OT Storage

Modern day opeation theatres require innovative storage solution to store consumables, implants, stents, expensive fine insturments etc.,

Shuter Enterprises India Pvt Limited cabinets ensures easy retivablity of all the meterials and hence reduce the turn around time. It also helps in maintaing the costly inventory.

Emergency Kit

The emergency kit can be used as first aid box, Code blue box or MEAT (Medical emergency aid team) Box. Important items like ambu bag, laringoscope, airways and emergency medicines are kept in designated place and reduces confusion during emergencies.

Medication Trolles

These trolles are the best in its calss in terms of utlisation of space and application oriented design. Space for keeping the casesheets, medicines, storing biomedical waste etc,. are made possible in this trolleys.. This is very useful for nurses who administers medicines in the ward.

Employee lockers

Stylish, space saving lockers can be used in staff changing areas and also in OT change rooms.

Filing cabinets

These cabinets can be used in admin areas as well as nursing stations.